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My Tru Calling Haven

~Tru Calling Lives Forever In My Heart~

28 October
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There isn't much to tell about me. I'm a fairly simple person. First of all I love to write fictional stories. I would like to become a writer someday, though I highly doubt I'm good enough for that. I'm also highly interested in graphic design and webdesign.
I love Television show, though I don't get to watch much of it. An hour maybe if I'm lucky. But that's what a VCR/DVD is for I guess. My actress is Eliza Dushku (BUFFY, BRING IT ON, SOUL SURVIVORS, WRONG TURN, TRU CALLING, etc). She just has so much talent and beauty. I wish they just didn't cancelled my absolute favorite show Tru Calling, which she stared in. My favorite show is Bones. Other shows I loved and favored, before they all got cancelled (not at the same time) were Charmed, Angel, Buffy, Alias, Birds of Prey.

Eliza Dushku is Love.